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I T   I S   T I M E


Please enjoy this mini compilation of Colton Haynes with his nephew! I thought it would be nice to have him looking like such a cutie pie!


i know a lot of these background masterposts probably already exist, but i really love doing masterposts cause they’re really useful for me and hopefully other people??

**none of these pictures belong to me


  • pattern backgrounds { here }
  • gradient backgrounds here }
  • sky backgrounds here }
  • floral backgrounds { here }
  • nature backgrounds { here }
  • pixel backgrounds { here }
  • animated backgrounds { here }
  • eiffel tower backgrounds here }
  • balloon backgrounds here }
  • other backgrounds here }

other pictures

  • transparent stuff here }
  • banners here }
  • sidebar pictures here }
  • pixels here / here }

themes (shortened from my other masterpost)

  • blogroll themes { here } 
  • network themes here } 
  • url redirecting themes here } 
  • collection of personal themes { here }


Static Preview || Codes: PasteBinFree Text Host

So I’ve decided to post this theme, because was working over it during my summer vacations and now I am finished with it. I made the decision to restart my themes…again. You will still be able to find my old themes here. I will, eventually, at some point revamp those themes. 


  • 400px posts
  • 245px (width) sidebar image 
  • 4 customizable links (Home & Ask already included)
  • Color options
  • Option to turn tags
  • Webkit scrollbar


  • Feel free to edit the coding, but don’t remove the credit!
  • Contact me if you have any questions or concerns here.
  • Please like or reblog the original post.
  • DO NOT claim/repost as your own.


theme eight. gasoline. © clairesrps.

general information.

  • please do not steal or redistribute this theme.
  • feel free to edit it for personal use, but keep the credit in tact. 
  • do not use this theme as a base code.
  • please like and/or reblog if you use this theme.

customization information.

  • the sidebar image is 200x313px wide exactly.
  • the posts are 500px wide.
  • your description will automatically fit into a scroll box once there’s a
  • certain amount of text there.
  • there are six links in the sidebar, four of them are customizable.

static preview & code.



I don’t know how I’m proud of this theme more than I’m proud of my previous one, but so be it! This is my tenth theme called “True Love” based on Disney’s Frozen. 


I kind of sold my soul to Satan for this theme, so if you don’t follow the rules. I will get him to drag your ass to hell. :-)

  • Pretty please with cherry on top do not steal, or redistribute as your own work. 
  • Or use as a base code to your own theme you release. 
  • Do not take the credit off any part of the theme. As well as put it on another page. Just keep it where it is, please.
  • You may however, edit this theme to your liking.


  • The sidebar bg is the background on all sidebars and posts. You have the option of adding an image here, or just having a colour alone.
  • This theme features a two hovering sidebars. Which requires four images. 
  • The dimensions for all images are 274 x 217.
  • There are seven links of which five of them are customizable. 

click here to get a live preview of true love, click here to get the code.

(Source: missamericaz)


Friendsgiving | Lauren Ledbetter Design


Texture pack!

  • 18 textures;
  • ornamental textures;
  • download deviantArt or MediaFire;
  • like and/or reblog if you use;

Enjoy! :-)

*favorite character appears*
me: *delighted pterodactyl noises*

Whoa been a while since I’ve been on here. I might just hop back on every so often.